The historic Water Witch Clubhouse makes a unique and unforgettable backdrop for your wedding
         ceremony and/or reception.  Situated atop one of the highest points on the eastern seaboard, this
         venue combines turn-of-the-century charm with sweeping views of Sandy Hook, the Atlantic Ocean,
         and the city skyline, all in a quiet and secluded location.  Major roads make Monmouth Hills accessible
         from North, South, and West, while high-speed ferries transport guests from New York City to  
         terminals at the foot of the hill, just minutes away.   

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         The Water Witch Clubhouse is available for weddings and other private functions from  April through
         October.  A long-standing agreement among Monmouth Hills community members limits
         Clubhouse use to 12 events per year, one event per weekend.
         Our wedding clients are unanimous in their appreciation of the fact that they - and they alone -
          have the venue for the day.  Decorations, floral arrangements, catering and other key aspects of
          setup and breakdown can happen at a sensible pace, with no chance of being confused with
          "another wedding".

                        The available dates for 2010 are:

          April 3,10,17,24; May 1,8,15,22; June 5,12,19,26; July 10,17,24,31; August 7,14,21,28;

           September 11,18,25; October 2,9,16,23,30  

          (Dates cited are all for Saturday; the following Sunday may be substituted.)


  • We feel we have facilities for a party of 145 guests, excluding service help.
  • We rent you the whole house and grounds for any six hours not later than 9PM, at which time
    the bar must be closed and the entertainment stopped, but we do not insist that anyone leave
    at that time.  The immediate wedding party may come in any time, including the previous day
    for any decorating you wish to do.
  • Smoking is allowed outside on the porches, where a comfortable seating area is provided.


You can choose your own catering.  Our unique room to room floor accommodates a
number of different serving configurations.  There is also a magnificent handmade
bar that works as both a walk-up location or workstation.  Dine outdoors, on the porch, 
or in the casino - the Clubhouse offers the kind of space and flexibility that responds
beautifully to surprise guests or unpredictable weather.


Because the winding, tree-lined roads that ascend to the Water Witch Clubhouse can be confusing,
we require that you contract with a valet parker.  Our experience is that our clients like this service
very much.

Contact Us

If you have further questions, or are interested in touring the Clubhouse, please call Sarah Stewart
at 732-872-1675.